In the Eugene, Oregon metro area in Lane County you can find Zip Code 97402. In this zip code is an average land size and has 541 as its area code. It’s more comfortable than most other places in Oregon with a Sperling’s Best Places annual comfort index of 7.4 out of 10!

Population and Demographics

The town of 97402 zip code is full of green space and water, yet it has a population  of 50,342. The small city in Oregon boasts an incredible 729 people per square mile amidst its 69.08 total land area (6.45 sq mi) among homes for 50342 residents.  What plenty of open parkland! This means that   if you are less into crowded places or have family members with breathing difficulties,  this place seems to be perfect!

The demographics of the city are interesting because most people living in it are white (84.7%) with many blacks (14%) and Asian (2%).

Real Estate

Zip code 97402  is home to 176 different homes on the market, ranging from $26K condos and townhomes for those just starting out or looking to downsize all the way up to stunning 3.9M dollar mansions with six bedrooms! In July 2021, median list prices were at $360k which has risen 22% since last year- so if you’re thinking about buying now might be your chance before these rates go even higher. The average price per square feet was around $252 dollars while the median sale price had reached almost as high as 360k after climbing 20%.


As you can see from Sperling’s Best Places, the median household income is $37,874 a year with an average resident’s annual income of just over $21,000. The unemployment rate for this zip code is 6.3% which means that people might be having trouble finding jobs in our area as opposed to the US average being at 6%. However, zip 97402 has seen the job market increase by 1.1% over the last year. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 40.9%, which is higher than the US average of 33.5%— hinting towards better times ahead!

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Events and Festivals 

Zip code 97402 offers fun and exciting events. The Lane County Fair is one of the most iconic annual events in Eugene, Oregon. Every year it brings people from all across our great city to enjoy live music by rock bands like The Mowgli’s and Thrice as well as carnival rides that are thrilling enough for any thrill seeker! For something a little less scary you can stop into some games or check out exhibitions showcasing hundreds of different animals at this fun-filled event which takes place during mid-summer on the grounds near downtown Eugene.

What better way to start your morning or fill up before lunch than at the Lane County Farmers’ Market? The Lane County Farmers’ Market is one of the 97402 best things to do! It’s a perfect opportunity for you and your family to try out new dishes while getting some vitamin-packed produce. You’ll be able get fresh, local food grown from more than 85 farmers who are proud members; this market provides various fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers plants and animal products where you can purchase custom made foods too!

Zip code 97402 is a beautiful place to live with excellent opportunities for fun and great activities. If you are looking to start your family or just get away from the hustle of life in some other city!