Eugene, Oregon is one of the most popular Small Cities in the USA.

We are known worldwide because of our city pride, the Tracktown USA, the University of Oregon, and the University’s College Football team. GO DUCKS!

Please Note: Wearing a mask is required to enter any public places in Eugene.

Eugene Oregon: History

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Eugene City, Oregon, has many breathtaking views, top-ranking schools, smaller crowds, less traffic, and a growing number of businesses. Perhaps, if you’re thinking about moving to a new place where you can live your life to the fullest, Eugene might be the perfect place for you!

Eugene’s Amenities

Eugene is one of the best go-to destinations for all nature lovers. Its surrounded by hiking and running trails and thick forests across the city and spectacular mountain views. You can find the famous Spencer’s Butte Park in Eugene and other beautiful peaks, including Mary’s Peak, Mount Pisgah, and Jasper Park. Moreover, people get to enjoy several recreational activities such as taking walks in the parks, watching for whales and sea lions in the nearby coasts, camping by a tranquil lake, hiking different scenic trails, cruising across sand slopes, and a lot more.

Things to do in Eugene, OR

Eugene: Historic Landmarks

The best way to learn more about the historic landmarks in Eugene, Oregon is to visit their own specific website.

School and Education

Eugene is the home of the famous Oregon Ducks, University of Oregon (U.O.). It boasts more than 23,000 students and offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Here, you can easily access the much anticipated and exciting Ducks’ games at the Autzen Stadium. Aside from U.O., you can also find other top-ranking schools such as South Eugene High School, Lane Community College, and Northwest Christian University in the city.

Population and Demographics

Eugene has a total area of over 44 miles and a 2020 population of 178,329. It is a big city for a relatively significant population. In that case, people who hate large crowds and traffic should already think of moving to Eugene.  

Eugene Zip Codes

Eugene zip codes are: 97401, 97402, 97403, 97404, 97405 and 97408. Visit this page to learn about each zip codes real estate, population, commercial spaces and local attractions.

Eugene Oregon Duck Game

Eugene’s Popular Businesses

For those who enjoy drinking wine and beers, Eugene is a city where you can find solid craft beers and high-quality wines. It is within Willamette Valley. It is where quality hops and clean water are accessed by microbrewery businesses to produce Eugene’s world-class libations. According to the Register-Guard, microbrewery businesses are rapidly expanding as they have been selling more barrels of beer every year.

Additionally, lumber is the largest industry in Eugene. It is the nation’s largest softwood lumber and plywood products producer. Among Eugene’s big employers are PeaceHealth Medical Group, Lane County City of Eugene, Monaco Coach Corporation, University of Oregon, and other schools.

Unemployment Rate

 According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Eugene’s unemployment rate fell 1.4 percentage points in July 2020 to 10.2% amidst pandemic. However, it was not too bad for only 0.2 percentage points lower than the Oregon rate and at the same level as the national rate.  

Cost of Living in Eugene, Oregon

Moreover, according to Areavibes, the overall cost of living index in Eugene is 118, equal to the Oregon average and 18% higher than the U.S. average. Perhaps, goods or services at 33%, groceries at 13%, health care at 5%, housing at 30%, transportation at 9%, and utilities at 10%, comprise the overall cost of living index in Eugene, Oregon.


Senior Living in Eugene, Oregon Area

There are many great senior living facilities in the Eugene area. There are also room rentals for senior dedicated private homes. We will update this page later with more info.

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Eugene, Oregon Real Estate – Home Value

Furthermore, according to the World Population Review, Eugene’s median home value costs $ $272,000. Perhaps, the median rent costs $988 per month in recent years.

Nonetheless, Eugene, Oregon, might be the right life for you. With everything it has to offer, it is worth considering moving to Eugene. 

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Eugene, Oregon Zip Codes