The Whiteaker Community is one of the bustling areas in Eugene City, Oregon’s second-largest city. How to get there? Whiteaker Community begins at the intersection of West 7th Avenue and Chambers Street. Proceed north along the centerline of Chambers and then the centerline of River Road until the Capri subdivision’s south boundary, extended westerly.

Eugene real estate business flourishes a keen eye on the homes and properties with lower than citywide housing prices for detached homes. 

Real Estate Market and Home Values

Whiteaker Community, as of September 2020,  has the median list price of houses in the  is $325,000, trending up 43.6% year-over-year. Perhaps, the median sale price  is $325,000, with a median listing price of $236 per square foot. Moreover, it is known as a seller’s market, which means more people are looking to buy than available homes for sale. However, six homes  are currently for sale, ranging from $299,000 to $549,000.

Population and Demographics

The Whiteaker Community’s total land area is 1.091 square miles. In this square mile, there are 3,646 residents,  as of 2020. This number reflects a population density ratio of 2,106 people per square mile.  The value is lower  compared with  the entire city’s 3,661 people per square mile ratio. What does it mean? This implies how much people want to live in this neighborhood. The neighborhood of Whiteaker Community is made up mostly of family households, for 41% of the entire population are families with children below 18 years old. Perhaps, the median age here is 41.3, which is 22% higher than Eugene, with a median age of 33.9.


Employment status and income are looking ways to improve. As of the latest data available for 2020, the median household in Whiteaker Community is $23,607, which is 57% lower than the national average. Simultaneously, the income per capita here is $21,937, which is 26% lower than the national average. Perhaps, the unemployment rate here is 9.3%.

Whiteaker Community population has high employment of 46.7% in professionals, executives, and management, as reported by the working population. At the same time, 23.8% of the residents work in service jobs and sales, from major sales accounts to working in a fast-food restaurant. The other 16.4% are in laborer and manufacturing while the rest of 10.6% is in assistant, clerical, and tech support occupations.

Activities and Events

Whiteaker Community actively organizes events and activities to improve and help their neighbors. One of these is the Whiteaker Community Dinner. It  provides food, goods, and services to families and individuals in need. The event goest with the slogan  “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”  Volunteers run everything in this organization, and all the donations here go toward the dinner and needed items for their guests. Whiteaker Ice Cream Social, is another exciting event!  The neighborhood comes out and takes a break from the summer heat and enjoys ice cream with their neighbors. Surely, the activity marks opportunities to meet their neighbors and make some new friends.

Given the residents’ constant efforts, generosity, and kindness, Whiteaker Community is a great place to live. It is full of great people with a great mind and a heart of gold!