The neighborhood association of South University is one of the most awarded communities in Eugene, Oregon. The 2011 Neighborhood of the Year Award is one of the pieces of evidence that the Eugene real estate is one of the best in the nation. The the award can attribute to the community’s very responsive to citizens’ needs and concerns. Also, South University is known to pioneer the Livability Summit, a program to improve its environment and livability. This becomes one of the most attractive features of this neighborhood.  

South University Neighborhood Association bounds to the west side of Agate Street on the east, the south side of East 18th Avenue on the north, the north side of East 24th Avenue on the south, and the east by Patterson Street on the west. 

Population and Demographics

South University has a total land area of 0.317 square miles. Although it is only more than a quarter of a square mile, about 3,766 people live in South University as the latest available data for 2020. Obviously, due to the South University neighborhood’s effective community programs, this part of Eugene is one of the most densely populated. 

South University’s population density is double that of the entire city of Eugene. The population density here is 7,439 per square mile. While Eugene only has a population density of 3,661 people per square mile. This community mostly comprises young adults with a median age for both men and women of 22.1. Also, South University households include families with children, for 58% of the population are families with kids below 18 years old. Amidst the bustling area, it becomes a great home for young families who are raising young children.

Real Estate Market and Home Values

According to Zillow, South University, as of August 31, 2020, homes’ typical value is $523,760. This data is seasonally adjusted and only includes the middle tier of houses. Also, South University house values have gone up 5.0% over the past year, and Zillow predicts that it will rise 4.5% in the next year. 

As of September 2020, according to,  the median listing price of houses in South University is $504,000, with a median listing price of $293 per square foot. Perhaps, the median sale price here is $504,000. South University’s sale to list price ratio is 100%, and the houses sell after 87 days on the market.


As of the latest data of 2020, the median household income in South University is $15,640, which is 72% lower than the national average. Perhaps, the income per capita here is $15,668, which is also lower than the national average by 47%. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate here is 6.5%, which is 39% higher than the national average. 

Moreover, 62.3% of this neighborhood’s working population employs professional occupations, executives, and management. At the same time, 25.4% works in service jobs and sale, from major sales accounts to serving in a fast-food restaurant. 6.6% are in tech support, clerical, and assistant, and 5.2% are in laborer and manufacturing occupations.

Activities and Events

Aside from the beautiful program mentioned earlier, South University Neighborhood Association still has many fun events. Some of these events are the Annual Ice Cream Social.  What is the gist? Residents come out of their houses and eat ice cream with their neighbors to meet and know them. Besides, the  Annual Giant Neighborhood Garage Sale, where they sell kinds of stuff that they no longer need instead of just throwing them away. In this way, they can earn money while helping reduce waste.

South University is a great neighborhood. They have programs to get close to each other and help those people in need. It is a very welcoming place  because of the kind and amicable people.