Santa Clara Community, Eugene, Oregon, presents a total land area of 5.873 square miles and marks the Eugene real estate a prime spot for purchasing homes both for the young and the old. Santa Clara Community Organization area encompasses the Southern Pacific Coos Bay Line on the west, the Beltline on the south, the Irvington to Honolulu, Honolulu to Hyacinth, Hyacinth to Carthage, Carthage to River Road, River Road to Beacon, Beacon east to the Willamette River in the north; and the Willamette River on the east.

Population and Demographics

Santa Clara Community offers a large area that is not densely populated. As of the latest data for 2020, the total population in Santa Clara Community is 17,754, with a population density of 1,703 per square miles, 53% lower than Eugene with a population density of 3,661 square miles. Perhaps, the median age here is 44.2, and 42% of the population are families with kids under 18 years old. 

Real Estate Market and Home Values

Santa Clara’s median list price of houses is about $385,000, as of September 2020, which is trending up 11.6% year-over-year. Perhaps, the median sale price here is $375,000, equivalent to a median listing price of $223 per square foot. Moreover, Santa Clara is a seller’s market, which means more people are looking to buy than available houses for sale. However, according to, there are currently 70 homes for sale here, ranging from $209,900 to $1,300,000.n Presently, two affordable bedrooms are listing in Santa Clara. Zillow reports that in 2020, the home value forecasts up to 4.3%.


Santa Clara is one of the wealthy neighborhoods in the city of Eugene. According to the latest data available for 2020, the median household income in Santa Clara is $63,060, which is 14% higher than the national average. Perhaps, the income per capita here is $30,603, which is 3% higher than the national average. However, the unemployment rate here is 4.4%, but it is 6% lower than the national average.

Activities and Events

Santa Clara Community Organization prepares many activities and events for the residents in this neighborhood. This includes their annual community events like the Ryan Meadows Garage Sale, the most prominent garage sale in Eugene, Eugene Pro Rodeo every 4th of July Weekend, and Wildflower Walk and Community Celebration, Awbrey Park. Aside from that, the Santa Clara Community situates on the fantastic Willamette River banks. It is surrounding by the heritage trees, a wide variety of birdlife, small organic farms, meandering creeks, great bicycle routes, and many more. Perhaps, you can also go fishing and boating in the Willamette River.

Moreover, Santa Clara Community is a calm and welcoming place full of friendly people. A supporting system in the neighborhood is evident by residents who do their best to make their community even better. No doubt that the ambiance well-suited to a young couple who are starting a family along with a new career. Whatever is in your list of dream houses, you should not miss out on what this community offers.