River Road Community, Eugene, Oregon, is one of the largest neighborhoods in the city. Eugene’s real estate in this part of the town generally comprises of detached homes. And these homes are one of the best in providing security and space to a growing family.

Population and Demographics

River Road Community has a  total land area of 3.104 square miles, with a total population of 12,412 based on the 2020 data. With the same period, the population density presents 3,955 per square mile, which is 8% higher than Eugene with 3,661 population density per square mile. Perhaps the median age is 41.2, which is 21% higher than Eugene, and 44% of the population consists of families with children below 18 years old.

Real Estate Market and Home Values

River Road Community, as of September 2020, has the median listing price of homes of $339,500, trending up 19.1% year-over-year. Perhaps, the median sale price is $345,000, with a $215 median listing price per square foot. Moreover, River Road is in the seller’s market as of September 2020. What does it imply? The real estate is outstanding since more people are looking to buy the available homes for sale. As of the latest post, 51 houses are for sale, which can be low as $70,000 and high as $613,000.


Most of the people or residents in this neighborhood earn more than the average family in Eugene City. The River Road Community median household income is $45,660 as of the latest data available for 2020. It is $801 more than the city’s median household income of $44,859. Perhaps, the income per capita here is $23,216, 22% lower than the national average. While the unemployment rate here is 5%, which is 7% higher than the national average.

Moreover, 31.3% of this neighborhood’s working population employs various positions, namely in management, executive, and professional occupations. At the same time, 29.3% work in sales and service jobs, from significant sales accounts to working in fast-food restaurants. The other 21.6% are in laborer occupations and manufacturing, and 16.4% are in assistant, clerical, and tech support occupations.

Activities and Events

For families who enjoy the luxury of being close to an urban center but still can access the great outdoors, the Willamette River and the Crow Creek are there to fulfill that need. There are many water activities that a family can do in these water systems that run through River Road Community, like canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and afternoon picnics.

Aside from that, River Road Community Organization also has many projects to improve the neighborhood. One of these projects is the Green and Resilient Initiative. This project aims to educate and organize neighborhood collaborative efforts that reduce their eco footprints and prepare them for natural disasters. Another meaningful River Road Community project is the Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) that identifies the neighborhood areas that can enhance complimentary social use. This project awards a city HRNI matching grant that funded it.

River Road Community is a place you can build your dream house. Aside from the area, you can gain an appreciation for optimistic and supportive residents. Having read this article, you can consider owning a real home in the community.