Laurel Hill Valley, Eugene, Oregon, is inviting you to be part of the community, especially when looking for the country’s most spacious part. An excellent place that gives you easy access to urban centers like hospitals and shopping centers. For a booming Eugene real estate in this town, investing a piece of land or homes is worth it based on the available record. According to Zillow’s data, a home value forecasts 4.6% for a property that is even less than a square mile in total land area. Being the oldest community in Eugene, it was chartered by the city council in 1974. This explains why the community remains organized, peaceful, and diverse in population with unique character.

Real Estate Market and Home Values

Laurel Hill Valley, as of September 2020, has a median listing home price of $469,500, trending up 5.5% year-over-year. The median sale price here is $457,000, with a median listing price of $244 per square foot. Perhaps, Laurel Hill Valley is a buyer’s market as of September 202, signifying more available homes for sale than houses’ demands. The real estate market in this community understands the appropriate home for a growing family. Honestly, if you give special attention, homes for sale are easy to find in this town. 

Population and Demographics 

To live in Laurel Hill Valley is to have at least twice the area in a usual city community. The total land area in this neighborhood is 1.074 square miles, with 768 total population. These figures give a person to land area ratio of 715 people per square mile. Perhaps, this is way below the 4,111 people per square mile population density of the entire Eugene City. Moreover, living in Laurel Hill valley is to live peacefully with your lawn and back and front yard.


Laurel Hill Valley is one of Eugene City, Oregon’s wealthiest parts, with a median household income of $98,060 as of the latest data for 2020. With only a population of 768, the median household income is very high compared to the $44,859 for the entire city of Eugene. Perhaps, it is 77% higher than the national average with a $53,270 median household income. The income per capita here is $46,144, which is 55% higher than the national average. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate here is only 2.4%, 48% lower than the national average.

Event and Activities

Laurel Hill Valley is a very active neighborhood. They have many activities and events. One of these events is the Laurel Hill Park Picnic and Ice Cream Social, where they gather together to the park and meet their neighbors. They also hold general meetings where everyone is welcome to join. What’s the agenda? The community is a consensus to plan events and ways to improve their community’s quality of life. Perhaps, there is a lot of ways for you to get involved in this neighborhood. You can join meetings, make a donation, or do community service. Every simple effort counts!

Laurel Hill Valley is a beautiful place to consider if owning a home to raise children since they will enjoy plenty of space. What else can you possibly look for in a neighborhood with excellent employment and supportive neighbors? This is a place that has it all to be your real home!