Friendly Area, Eugene real estate is a neighborhood in the south-central part of Eugene, Oregon. “Friendly Street” is the popular name of the community. Perhaps Friendly Street, in turn, takes its name from Sam Friendly, who is the beloved mayor of Eugene in the 19th Century. The Friendly Area Neighbors association suits the community with an amicable name!

Population and Demographics

Friendly Area is home to 7,954 residents as of the latest data available for 2020. Perhaps, it has a population density of 4,670 per square miles, 28% higher than Eugene, with a population density of 3,661. Friendly Area is one of Eugene communities that almost have a 1:1 ratio for males and females. Moreover, the median age here is 36.3. And 42% of the population are families with kids under 18 years old. More and more people are moving into the Friendly Area community. The growing numbers are a testament to the name it carries.

Real Estate Market

As of August 2020, Friendly Area has the real estate market that marks the seller’s market. More people are looking to buy than houses are available. Moreover, the median list price of homes here is $400,000. It is trending up 9.6% year-over-year. At the same time, the median listing price per square foot is $258. The most popular housing type here is single-detached houses. At the same time, the remainder is mainly large apartment buildings. Perhaps, this Area is primarily composed of three bedroom and two-bedroom houses. Also, the proportion of homeowners and renters are equal in this neighborhood.


The Friendly Area’s median household income is $54,232, which is 2% lower than the national average. While the unemployment rate here is 3.1%, which is 34% lower than the national average. Perhaps, the income per capita of the Friendly Area is $27,872. It is 7% lower than the national average, but it only has a little difference with Eugene’s income per capita of $27,167. Employment might not be that well here, but there are many small, locally-owned businesses in this neighborhood. You’ll find markets here in Friendly Area offering fine organic products, produce, and regional wines from Oregon’s vineyards. Also, you’ll find a locally owned bookstore, restaurants, cafés, and farmer markets. Where owners will greet and serve you from the bottom of their hearts.

Events and Activities

Friendly Area has so many activities and events to established good relationships and improvements within their neighborhood. Some of these activities are picnics, harvesting, celebrations with music, apple and cider pressing, work parties, and tree planting. Friendly Area Neighbors also love gardening. It is their way of building their community and socializing with other residents. Perhaps, they have this Common Ground Garden Work Party, where they learn or share food-gardening awareness. Nicely, necessary gardening tools, amendments, and plants are available. Experienced gardeners are also there to coordinate and guide everyone to the work party.

Moreover, Friendly Area, as its name suggests, is indeed a friendly place. It is a place where everyone is trying to put an effort to make this neighborhood even more significant.