Farwest, Eugene, Oregon, can be the smallest town in terms of a total land area, but the real estate is peaking. The community is well-known for its excellent selling point. Besides, the high home sales attribute to its calm and quiet environment!

Population and Demographics

In this case, it may be small in land area, being only in total 0.762 square miles, but it is one of the biggest in terms of population density. That shows how people love this neighborhood community in the second largest city of the state of Oregon.

As of the latest available data for 2020, the neighborhood of Far West has a population of 4,552. It has over 401 more people in population density per square miles compared with the entire city of Eugene. The whole town of Eugene has a population density of 3,661 per square mile. While Far West, on the other hand, has a population density of 4,062 per square mile. Moreover, the median age here in Far West is 42.4, 25% higher than Eugene. However, 43% of the population are families with kids under 18 years old. 

Real Estate

As of August 2020, the median price of houses in Far West is $255,000. Perhaps, it is trending up to 9.7% year-over-year. Approximately, the median price per square foot is $224. Moreover, Far West is the seller’s market, which means more buyers than the available homes for sale.


According to Zillow, 45% of buildings in this neighborhood are single detached houses. The perfect place for raising children and living comfortably in old age. Perhaps, the remainder is mainly small apartment buildings and large apartment buildings. Possibly, 60% of the units are for rent, and homeowners occupy the remaining 40%. Moreover, most of the housing units in this part of Eugene are two-bedroom and three-bedroom units. If you want the ideal house units for the young family with few children, enjoy the closeness of a two-room house it brings.


The Far West’s median household income is $44,386, and an income per capita of $27,669. The median household income here is 20% lower than the national average. Simultaneously, the income per capita is also lower by 7% than the national average. Moreover, the unemployment rate here in the Far West is 6.6%. In comparison, the unemployment rate here is, unfortunately, 42% higher than the national average.

School and Education

In terms of education, the Far West has an ample number of competitive schools. Far West has five schools from Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and even Private and Charter Schools. Here is the list of them.

Schools in and near Far West:

Moreover, Far West is a bustling center for young people early in their careers and starting families. The rent is inexpensive as other Eugene parts, and the houses are ideal for young families. Truly, it is a perfect residence for those who want a peaceful and calm neighborhood. Perhaps, the noise level here in this area is low, and the streets are often tranquil. Besides, parks and other green spaces are within your reach.