Fairmont, Eugene, Oregon, is a beautiful example of a town living close to the outdoors. Where one can be within one’s office in a few minutes, so can one be out with nature in a few blocks away from home. Perhaps, Fairmont is one of the best locations for Eugene real estate. 

Real Estate

Fairmont has in this area the Willamette River for your family’s outdoor adventure and activities. It is known for its calm ambiance. The site is quiet, and the streets are tranquil. Four city parks are within the neighborhood borders, namely Washburne Park, Mission Park, Hendricks Park, and Fairmount Park. Picnics, walking on the pathways, and summer concerts are some things to do in a 5-acre landscaped park of Washburne Park. And more adventures await when you visit the other parks! Combined beauty and tranquil of the community, as of August 2020, the housing market hits a seller’s market. This implies that more buyers than the available homes for sale. Perhaps, houses in Fairmont sell faster compared to other neighborhoods in Eugene.


According to realtor.com, the median home price in Fairmont is $674,300. More specifically, the median home price per square feet is $246. currently, 13 homes are for sale, with a price ranging from $362,000 to $1,500,000. The most common house type here in Fairmont is single detached homes, which provides enough room for a yard and a lawn. The majority of the housing growth occurred before 1960. houses in this community usually have four or more bedrooms, and three-bedroom/ A closer look at the proportion between homeowners and renters are about the same.

Population and Demographics

As of 2020, Fairmont has a total population of 4,307, which suggests that the community is not as crowded as in Eugene’s entire city. The population density here is about 2,517 per square mile. That means more room for a yard and the wonderful outdoors for you and your family. Moreover, the median age in this community is 29.5. With 42% of the population consist of families with kids under 18 years old, it reflects the community composed of young parents with their growing children. 


What is the landscape of employment opportunities? Fairmont presents the median household income of $58,499, signifying 6% higher than the national average. Moreover, it is not too bad for the unemployment rate of 4.6%, which is 2% lower than the national average. For sure, you can easily define the career you want to establish in this community that suits your educational attainments, skills, and experiences, 


Fairmont Neighborhood Farmers Market presents a community-sized organized market that is reoccurring weekly every Sunday.The event is traditionaly hold in the heart of the Hayward Historic District. What a great convenience! The Farmers Market provides easy access to the neighborhood to gather and finds their weekly grocery needs, including pasture-raised meat and poultry from the Fair Valley Farm and vegetables and fruits from the Camas Swale Farm.


Fairmont truly is an ideal neighborhood for both young and adults. Your investment for real estate in this community is worth the price of an excellent community!