Active Bethel Citizens, Eugene, Oregon, is a community of engaged citizens from the 23 neighborhood associations, comprising the group as a whole of Eugene’s city. Perhaps, this community is one of the centers of Eugene real estate business. Within these boundaries, you can find it; Clear Lake Road on the north, Oregon Route 99 on the east, the former Southern Pacific Coos Bay Line on the south, and Green Hill Road on the west.

Real Estate

Active Bethel Citizens has the median listing home price of $294,000, according to the Perhaps, the median listing home price per square feet is $197. There are currently 134 houses for sale here that you can check out. Seventeen of which were newly listed, ranging from $29,900 to $749,900. Also, there are four rentals available within a range of $850 to $1,700 per month. Perhaps, Bethel has an affordable 2-3 bedrooms listing, which is perfect for new families. This is a plus for young couples looking for a fresh new home for their growing families whose older children need their separate rooms from each other.

 According to Zillow, homeowners occupy about 60% of the properties here, and the rest are for rent. Perhaps, the neighborhood has one-third of the houses constructed in the 1960s and 1970s. The community also marks most of the buildings that were built before 1960 and in the 1990s.

Population and Demographics

Active Bethel Citizens is the largest neighborhood in Eugene. It has a population of 26,255 and a population density per square miles of 2,005. Perhaps, the population density here in Bethel is 45% lower than Eugene. It is ideal for those starting their lives as young families, with a relatively lower than the city’s people per square mile ratio, there is enough space for young children to learn and play and explore the outdoors. Moreover, the median age here is 37.4, which is 10% higher than Eugene. Also, the population here is diverse enough. 84.02% of the population is white, 2.37% are black, and 1.11% are Asian. Perhaps, most of the residents speak English. Other important languages said here include Italian, Spanish, and Greek.

Cost of Living and Employment

Active Bethel Citizen has an index cost of living of 108. It is 9% lower than the Eugene average of 118. However, it is 8% higher than the national average of 100. Perhaps, the median household income here is $46,446, with an unemployment rate of 4.3%. The median household income here is 16% lower than the national average. However, the unemployment rate here is 7% lower than the national average. 

Neighborhood Occupations

In this neighborhood, 27.0% of the working population is in sales and service jobs. They are from major sales accounts to working in fast-food restaurants. At the same time, 26.9% is in professional occupations, executives, and management. Perhaps, 25.8%is in laborer occupations and manufacturing, and 20.4% is in assistant, clerical, and technical support occupations.


Active Bethel Citizens offers several fun activities and events. Some of these activities even include meetings on how to make their neighborhood an inclusive and welcoming community.  Bethel Boo Barn Drive Thru at Petersen Barn showcases a free event where you can expect a 5-10-minute drive-thru experience. Jokes, trivia, games, ambiance, and prizes will fill this drive-thru. Moreover, you should not miss the year’s biggest event, the We Are Bethel event. It is a fun community event that features food, music, games, and fun. Students from Bethel Schools and community members perform from the Meadow View Jazz Band to Folkloric Dance Troupe. 

Active Bethel Citizens indeed reflects a very amicably and welcoming neighborhood. What a great community to be part of it since everyone’s efforts point to make it better.