In terms of the land area, the Southeast neighborhood association considers one of the biggest communities in Eugene City, Oregon. It has a total land area of 5.004 square miles and becomes a prime spot for Eugene real estate. The Southeast Neighborhood encompasses the area bounded by the intersection of Willamette Street and 29th Avenue, south to East 30th Avenue, east on 29th Avenue to Amazon Parkway, and the Eugene limits to the east. From there, the border follows the city limits south to their intersection with Willamette Street, then north along Willamette Street north to the corner of Willamette Street and 29th Avenue.

Real Estate Market and Home Values

As of September 2020, the median list price of houses in Southeast is $450,000, trending up 9.8% year-over-year. Perhaps, the median sale price here is $392,500, with a median listing price of $229 per square foot. Moreover, Southeast is a seller’s market, which means more people are looking to buy than available houses for sale. However, there are currently 44 homes for sale here, ranging from $93,000 to $995,000. According to Zillow, the home value forecast of Southeast is 4.6%.

Population and Demographics

As of the latest data available for 2020, the total population in Southeast is 11,881. Because of its large land area, Southeast only has a population density of 1,319 per square mile, 64% lower than Eugene, with a population density of 3,661 per square mile. Perhaps, Southeast neighborhood encompasses the middle-aged men and women, with a median age of 42.3%, which is 25% higher than Eugene. Also, 41% of the population are families with children under 18 years old.


The median household income in Southeast is $62,647 as of the latest data for 2020, which is 13% higher than Oregon’sOregon’s average with a median household income of $53,270. Perhaps, the income per capita here is $34,677, which is 16% higher than the national average. However, the unemployment rate here is 5.5%, which is 19% higher than the national average.

Furthermore, 56.3% of the neighborhood’s working population works in management, professional occupations, and executive. Simultaneously, 22.5% of the residents are in service jobs and sales, from major sales accounts to working in fast-food restaurants. While, 12.8% are in laborer and manufacturing occupations, and 8.4% are in tech support, assistant, and clerical jobs.

Activities and Events

Aside from great employment, Southeast Neighbors also hold fun and meaningful events. One of these events is their Annual Summer Picnic and Party. The whole neighborhood gathers in this event together to enjoy music, dance, and food. Playground and professional magic shows are also featured in this event, so it is perfect for the whole family to have fun and make new friends. Residents of this community also held regular general meetings to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood and fulfill their neighbors’neighbors’ needs.

Moreover, residents of Southeast works together to maintain and improve their community. They participate in the Neighborhood Leadership Council and other local groups to share opportunities and protect their wonderful neighborhood.