How I Can Help You…

Whether you’re a First-Time home buyer or a Pro, I’m here to help you navigate.
  • Schedule time to determine the Buyer’s needs and requirements in order to streamline the process
  • Provide a personalized list of the steps needed to start YOUR Home Buying Process
  • To help make the connections you need to prepare to buy.
My promises to you…
  • Communications – Constant, Honest, Straight-Forward, and always Confidential Conversations.
  • Keeping you informed with every step of the process and to help set realistic expectations.
  • Open Door Policy – I’m always here to answer questions/concerns, and to help manage every situation that can arise in a transaction.
  • Negotiations – I will always fight for my client’s best interests and needs.
  • Rest Assured knowing that I’m your biggest advocate. I’m here for more than just our short time together, I’m here to help you through life’s curveballs.
  • Keep you informed – Through your best method of communicating, I will let you know what’s new with the market, what’s coming into the market, helpful tips on credit, finances, curb appeal, safety, and all-around useful information you can keep in your ‘toolbox’.
Buyer’s ‘Tool Box’…
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)– I will provide you with a CMA for every property you’re interested in, to help determine an appropriate offering price. As well as the; neighborhood stats, crime rates, school ratings, property taxes, estimated upkeep and maintenance costs, shopping, attractions, and connections to city/local agencies needed.
  • Networking – I will use my networking groups, other listings, and personal connections within this industry to help find your new home.
  • Online/Social Media – I will utilize all of my online presence and social media outlets to prospect new homes that come onto the market. Keeping you up-to-date and ready to attack is the name of the game!
  • Open Houses – I will take you to tour homes that are in your price range. This is a great way to educate yourself on what your money can buy and it helps you determine your ‘wants’ vs. your ‘needs’.
Support all the way through…

I will be there to help guide you from prep, searches, tours, strategies, offers, negotiations, all the way to closing and beyond!

“Helping You Make the Connections”