The small town of Wesfir is on the west of Oakridge, east of state highway 58, nestled on the portion of North Fork River valley and above the Willamette River. It is part of Lane County in the state of Oregon and home to 253 people, according to the 2010 census. Outdoor adventures, recreational activity, real estates, and employment are some of its best great!


Cost of living

The cost of living in Westfir is about 87.7 which is lower than in Oregon of 113, and this is this with the national average of 100. Most of the residents spend their income for groceries and miscellaneous for about 97.9 and 98.2, respectively. The average income per household here is about $42,321.00, which is 8% lower than the average income per household of $46,169.00 for the state of Oregon.  In addition, the value is roughly 17% lower than the national average of $50,818.00.

Tourist Attractions

The town of Westfir has three main attractions: first is the Portal park, Office Covered Bridge, and Aufderheide Scenic Drive.  First, the Portal park offers a beautiful view wherein you can relax by the river or you can have a picnic here since it has different amenities here such as bench and table.  It is just across the Office of Covered Bridge. Second,  the Office Covered Bridge is the longest covered bridge in Oregon with 180ft in length. Third, Aufderheide Scenic Drive is along the highway consists of paved roads with a scenic forests.

The historic logging community of Westfir is in the Constitution Grove, Box Canyon Guard Station, the Aufderheide Memorial, Cougar Reservoir, and the McKenzie Highway. This highway’s name is to honor Robert Aufderheide, the Willamette National Forest Supervisor. Several trails with a scenic area have easy access to both roadless and wilderness.  The roads to adventures are in Chucksney Mountain trail, Grasshopper trail, and Crossing Way trail.


In Westfir, the main source of job is the sawmill since logging is rampant before. The Edward Hines lumber company produces plywood and gives job to the residents. However, the mill closed in 1984 due to a series of fire. Today, the three largest employers in the Westfir area are the Oakridge School District, Armstrong Wood Products, and Oakridge Sand & Gravel.


There is no available school in Westfir since it is just a small town.  However, in Oakridge which is just 3.8 miles schools are already available. Three public schools under the Oakridge School District are the Oakridge Elementary School, Oakridge High School, and Oakridge Junior High School.  The nearest universities are in the State of Oregon. The biggest three universities in Oregon which offers different courses and degrees. These are the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and Northwest Christian University.  The good news is that almost 15 community colleges which is nearby Westfir and offer two- to four-year courses.

Cost of home and rentals

The average cost of home in Westfir is $136, 400.. But of course it depends on the type of house.  Definitely, it is lower than in Oregon with an average of $247, 200 and is lower than the national average of $184,700. The average rent price is $792, which is lower than the average price in Oregon and national average of $941 and $949, respectively. Almost 75% of the residents owns houses while 25% are renters.

From outdoor to recreational activities, beautiful scenery to beautiful, and nice people, these are just few things that Westifi, Oregon has to offer.