Junction City, Oregon, is near Eugene in the south Willamette Valley. It has a total area of 3.3 square miles, with a population of 6,376. Perhaps, it ranked as 71st largest city in Oregon. Moreover, this small town is beyond comforting, community feeling is vast, and the neighbors are friendly and helpful. These are just some reasons to consider why it is worth to move to Junction City.

Cost of Living in Junction

           The living index cost here is 109, lower to Oregon with 118 while higher with the national average of 100. Perhaps, this living index is about 7% lower to Oregon according to Areavibes, and 9% higher to the national average. The cost of living index computes to different categories:

  • goods/services (33%)
  • groceries (13%)
  • health care (5%)
  • housing (30%)
  • transportation (9%)
  • utilities (10%)

Therefore, we can see that the goods/services and housing are significant factors for living costs. However, the cost of living in Junction City is lower than in Oregon city.

Best Amenities and Activities

           This city is known as the home of award-winning wineries like Pfeiffer Winery, Walnut Ridge Vineyard, Benton-Lane Winery, High Pass Winery, and Brigadoon Wine Company. Also, for tourist attractions, the Junction city showcases an alpaca farm, Kiger Mustang ranch, orchards, artists’ studios, and Diamond Woods Golf Course. Even the Country roads of Junction city attracts bicyclists and horseback riders as it offers exquisite scenery. The town is a beautiful area!

           If you like outdoors, there are so many different options for things to do. By 45 minutes’ drive, there are multiple rivers and lakes close by and beach. One of the famous lakes in Junction City is the Fern Ridge Lake. This lake serves as a Reservoir (or Fern Ridge Lake) on the Long Tom River in Oregon’s U.S. state. You can find it approximately 12 miles (19 km) west of Eugene on Oregon Route 126. This lake has more to offer since it is famous for recreational water activity and can do such things like windsurfing and sailing.

Events and Festivities

           Junction City is a home away from European peoples’ homes, especially those living in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden. It is because there is a four-day event called as Scandinavian Festival. The festival celebrates and showcases the town’s rich cultural heritage each summer. Locals taught enthusiast visitors and travelers all over the Pacific Northwest their traditional dances. 

           Another event that attracts tourists is the Daffodil Festival, which is the celebration for welcoming the spring. Perhaps, the largest Daffodil Festival is celebrated every year on March’s third weekend, regardless of the weather. The historic country roads of Long Tom Grange on Ferguson Road in Junction City are full of daffodils. A thousand daffodils are for sale. During the festival, there are also outdoor activities, food raffles, and live music.

Employment and Housing

           In terms of 2020 employment, Junction City has the highe2st employment rate of 100% for the residents who belong to other race, followed by 64.4% Asian,64.2% for Hispanic, 62.6% for White (non-Hispanic), 62.3% for White, and 22.5% for more than two races. However, an unemployment rate of 64% was the highest among the labor force belonging to more than two races and the lowest for Asians and other races. At the same year, the average cost of homes in Junction City is $370,000. According to realtor.com, there are 56 homes for sale here, ranging from $158,000 to $2,500,000.

School and Education

           Junction City High School is one of the best schools in Junction City. It is known to be the “Home of Tigers.” This school has 544 students with a student-teacher ratio of 18 to 1. Moreover, other known public schools are Oakley Middle School and Laurel Elementary School, which also offers an above-average education quality. 

           However, there is no university in Junction city. But, in Oregon, some universities are just a few miles away. The University of Oregon is known to be the flagship research university in Eugene, Oregon. The other university is Oregon State University, which is known to be the largest in Oregon. Since its founding, there are more than 230,000 students who have graduated here.

           A small town but lots to offer, growing every day, has a great community, excellent school, and low crime rate. Well, if you’re looking for this kind of town, Junction City is the right place for you!