Zip Code 97404 is located in Lane County, Oregon. It’s a socio-economically middle-class zip code compared to others and consists of the neighborhood of Santa Clara Community. For example, its neighborhood of Santa Clara Community might include the area with codes 541.

Population and Demographics

The 97404 zip code has 32,255 total people with a population density of 3,329/sq mi. This number is expected to change drastically by 2020 as new developments are added and the percentage of children under 18 will increase since there are more young families in this area than in other regions. Most of the residents are white (89%), followed by other races (3%) Asian (2%). The number of people in their late 20s to early 40s is enormous, while the number of middle-aged adults is large. The number of single parents is slightly higher than average, while the number of families is marginally less than average. The percentage of children under 18 living in the 97404 ZIP code is slightly higher than average compared to other country areas.

Real Estate Market and Home Values

 A seller’s market, 97404 zip code is the perfect place to sell your home. In July 2021, according to, the median listing price in this area was $395k, and it has been trending up 12.4% year-over-year since then with a possible sale price of $260k per square foot. In addition, the median sold home price is $400K and currently has 126 houses for sale here, ranging from $70K to $2.7M. So if you’re looking to buy or rent, there will be plenty of choices available!

Employment and Job Market

 According to Sperling’s Best Places, the median household income in the 97404 zip code is $57,695, slightly higher than the national median household income of $57,652. However, the income per capita here is $28,002, lower than the national income per capita of $31,177. Perhaps the unemployment rate here is 6.3%, slightly higher than the United States with 6%. In addition, the future job growth is 40.92% which is higher than the 34% in the United States. Moreover, the highest average salary in the 97404 zip code is for health practitioners at $68,220. So, if you’re a health practitioner, you have the advantage of landing a good job!

Parks and Restaurants

The zip code 97404 is located in a great area with features like parks and restaurants. One of the many fantastic parks is Awbrey Park, which can be reached at 4291 River Rd Eugene OR 97401. This park was named after Lane County pioneer Milton T. Awbrey who settled in this county during 1847-1848; Milton T. Awbrey Park is a 6-acre park with Spring Creek running through the northeastern corner, home to native plants and wildlife. In this area, you can see over 50 species of birds, including downy woodpeckers, western screech owls, and more! You’ll also find healthy native vegetation under mature fir trees like thalictrum flowers (meadow rue) or ocean spray (Holodiscus discolor).

Are you craving Mexican food? Satisfy your cravings in Lupita’s Tacos. It is a small restaurant at 55 Silver Ln, Eugene, OR 97404 that serves homemade and fresh Mexican cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. They offer authentic menu items from flavorful tacos to Burritos and more!


Residents of 97404 are kind and generous. Throughout the month, they held a food pantry event called “Pray Big! Food Pantry“. The event also entails providing unfortunate residents food assistance to purchase their groceries. The activity is hosted at St Matthew’s Episcopal Church on two separate days each month with Food For Lane Country. They also did fun events like Eugene Scottish Festival at Irving Grange, located at 1011 Irvington Ave.

If you want to have a family fun day with your loved ones, then consider moving into the beautiful city of Eugene. According to statistics, families who live in zip code 97404 are happier than anyone else because they get access to great amenities and job opportunities here at their doorstep. There is also easy accessibility for people wanting some time away from home as well!