University of Oregon Campus, Eugene, Oregon, stands as the flagship of Oregon’s educational institution. About 3000 people – welcome to the University of Oregon Campus neighborhood! Aside from being a bustling place for scholars, the university presents a thriving and promising area for Eugene real estate business.

Population and Demographics

With only a total land area of less than a square mile (0.433 square miles), this neighborhood has a total population of 2,568 with a population density of 2,949 per square mile. The population density  is 19% lower than Eugene, with a population density of 3,661 per square mile. Perhaps, the University of Oregon Campus community’s total population comprises college students in their 20s. Both men and women had a median age of 19.4 years. This leaves only about 43% of all households are families with children below 18. If one is looking into the dating scene, indeed, this opens an ideal place to live!

Real Estate Market and Home Values

Both and Zillow don’t have a new listing for the University of Oregon Campus nor available homes for sale here as of the moment. However, according to neighborhood scout, the median real estate price here is $420,153, which is more expensive than 67.1% of the state’s neighborhoods and 77.3% of the communities at the national level.


Since the University of Oregon Campus comprises students, its median household income is only $22,500, which is 59% lower than the national average. Perhaps, the income per capita here is $9,109, which is 69% lower than the national average. Noticeably, the unemployment rate here is 7.7%, which is 66% higher than the national average. The male median earning is $3,797, which is 41% higher than female median earnings of $2,895. Moreover, reflective for its demographic profile is the popular occupations of the residents in this neighborhood. The most popular careers for both men and women are service occupations and sales and office positions.

Events and Activities

The University of Oregon wraps with fun, from lectures, games, performing arts to museum exhibits and many different things around the campus. You can’t miss out on the exciting football events and championships like the UO Ducks versus Stanford or the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance, a school’s musical programming. You can also shop officially licensed Duck’s gear, memorabilia, apparel, and more at the Duck Store. Perhaps you can also hang out with your friends at the nearby University of Oregon Campus Restaurants and Bars

The University of Oregon Campus is a convenient place for college students, especially for its location. Plus, they can enjoy the fantastic amenities and events in this beautiful community composed of mostly students like them. They can find their people here and make some long-term friends or even a lifetime partner.