If you’re looking for a new place to move in with your family and achieve a high-quality life, Creswell, Oregon, might be the perfect place for you! You can locate Creswell in the South of Eugene and North of Cottage Grove along the I-5 corridor. Its other name is “The Friendly City.” Perhaps, it has so much to offer, ranging from plenty of spectacular sceneries to an impressive economy.   

Assets and Top Attractions

The beautiful South Willamette Valley and the Cascade Mountains are among the best assets of Creswell. It surrounds various parks, trails, lakes and vineyards, residents. Creswell’s tourists can explore nature and enjoy several outdoor recreational opportunities.  These entails birding, hiking, camping, cycling, sky diving, golfing, and more. Creswell also comprises a small downtown district. The district features big box stores and shopping outlets, and several residential neighborhoods bordering farmlands. The top attractions in Creswell include the Garden Lake Community Park, Spencer Butte Park, Skyline Park, Ridgeline Trails, Howard Buford County Park, and others. 

Population and Economy

The economy in Creswell is also remarkable. According to the world population review, Creswell has a population of 5,697 and a 1.86% growth rate annually. Furthermore, one of the best indicators of a job market’s strength is the median household income. As of 2020, Creswell’s median household income is $66,956, with a poverty rate of 7.51%. Meanwhile, Creswell’s median home value costs $199,700, with a median rental cost over the years of $923 per month.  

Goals and Strategy

Creswell has investments in community development and projects while identifying its needs, including regional social service resources and economic strategy development. Their city government has also taken several actions to attract more developers and businesses to fill vacant industrial land and grow its business community.


History of Community in Agriculture

Creswell has a rich history of agriculture, which has continued until the present. Way back years ago, Creswell agriculture grew mostly wheat and orchards and raised cattle and pigs. Fast forward to the 1900s, Creswell started developing its cannery, packing plant, fruit dryer, and other professional services. It remains a farming community up to this very day and continues to be one of the people’s pride in Creswell.  

School and Education

Because Creswell is a small city, there is a lesser presence of schools than other neighboring cities. Crestline Elementary School, Creswell Middle School, and Creswell High School are among the well-known schools. There are no home colleges or universities in Creswell; however, some of the state’s most prominent colleges are just a few miles away from Creswell. These include the University of Oregon, Lane Community College, Northwest Christian University, New Hope Christian College, and many more. 

 It is worth considering moving to Creswell as this “Friendly City” can indeed be the perfect place for you and your family.